The Minnesota permit to carry class is our flagship training course.

This course presents basic knowledge for responsible citizens who wish to carry handguns as part of their self-defense plan. This program promotes the concealed carry approach to our state laws. It is an introduction to the considerations, responsibilities, and liabilities of owning and carrying a handgun for self-defense. While this is an introductory class on concealed carry, the course attendee should have some experience and range time with firearms.

Most Police Chiefs and County Sheriffs require a range proficiency test in addition to a firearms safety certificate when granting a Minnesota permit to carry. You will be given a range proficiency test.

There are several Minnesota Statutes that have been selected to be covered in class because of their relationship to the subject of firearms and their lawful carry and use in self-defense. This is not a definitive list of State and Federal laws pertaining to firearms and concealed carry. Students should consult with an attorney specializing in the area of these laws for further guidance.

If you choose to legally carry a firearm or keep one at home for self-defense, you have an obligation to everyone around you to develop your knowledge of the law as well as your skills of awareness, avoidance, disengagement, decision making, defensive tactics, and firearm proficiency.

The cost for the Minnesota permit to carry class is $130 per student.

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